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  1. What are the benefits of using the services of The Rushmore Wall Group?

    Albert Pod and his RWG team led a verifiably impressive growth of the world’s premiere aircraft management and charter company [example, 6 to 100 managed aircraft and charter sales revenue growth greater than 9000% [nine thousand per cent]. Managing this growth for Executive Jet Management, and importantly the numerous lessons learned during this growth plus the further application and refinement of these lessons learned assisting Client Part 135 firms develop and grow has provided the framework, or formula, for RWG’s proprietary FOUR LEVEL PROCESS.

  2. What is unique about RWG?

    While there are several excellent auditing firms, and a plethora of aviation consulting firms, only RWG has the single focus, direct experience and exceptional performance record of developing and growing Part 135 firms. Our experience has assisted Clients in the US, Europe, Asia and The Middle East.

  3. Can I select which specific services I wish RWG to provide?

    Absolutely yes.

  4. How will RWG assist my company pass a Wyvern, Air Charter Safety Foundation or Argus audit?

    RWG team members have worked with over 200 Part 135 firms both in assisting with the standard’s compliance and working with and monitoring the firms' continued compliance…we understand the standards intimately and the most expeditious and cost wise solutions for firm’s to meet and exceed every measure of the standard. RWG can also assist firms with Department of Defense audit evaluation and preparation or any other of the standards audits which are applicable to the Part 135 operator.

  5. Can RWG assist my company in the preparation of an SMS [Safety Management System]?

    Yes, RWG has experience in the writing of SMS programs, and some of RWG personnel have functioned as The Accountable Executive and other required positions within SMS programs.

  6. Our firm is small, compliant with all applicable regulations and has achieved ARGUS Platinum status. Can RWG help us to improve and grow without committing to your complete LEVEL THREE, THE OPTIMIZATION AND CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT OF FIRM WIDE PROCESSES AND STRATEGIES?

    Yes, in this requested instance RWG would focus on those specific elements which are most inhibiting improvement and growth, and with the Client, develop and implement a plan which would eliminate those specific obstacles.

  7. Will RWG assist a Client to obtain a Part 135 Air Carrier Certification?

    Yes. RWG will work with the Client and the Federal Administration to tailor a program specific to the size, scope and needs of the Client

  8. How does RWG personalize its services to my firm?

    RWG understands that each Client has evolved and grown to forge its own unique and proud identity. RWG looks respectfully and carefully at the systems, policies and procedures which have taken the Client firm to the present, and importantly, builds onto this specific current identity. Perhaps there is an analogy here of Mr. Pod’s work for the Chinese Civil Aviation Administration in the CAAC’s quest for a then nonexistent Part 91. Using the US Part 91 as a start point, it was understood and respected that Chinese culture and the specific evolution of China’s general aviation sector required that while the framework of the US Part 91 was important, more important was the essential fact that this regulation needed to work within China. This central concept allowed the US regulation to be tailored to “fit” the Chinese system. Likewise, RWG will tailor its proprietary process to the specific needs of the Client firm.

  9. The idea of CEO to CEO coaching appeals to me. Am I able to utilize just this portion of the RWG Four Levels.


  10. My firm seems to have reached a plateau in the number of aircraft we are able to manage and the charter revenue we are able to generate. We have been at this level for quite some time. How can RWG help us?

    The reaching of a certain plateau, in RWG’s experience, is a phenomenon which faces most all Part 135 firms. It occurs when a firm’s documented processes and procedures, or lack thereof, themselves become the impediment to growth. The answer lies in the implementation of some or all of RWG’s Level 3, The Optimization and Continuous Improvement of Firm-wide Processes and Strategies.

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